She didn’t even look this scary in MACHETE 2!!

There has been little news about Lady Gaga recently–even with her new album, she isn’t setting the world ablaze as she was when she revealed her poker face last decade..
Until ….
The birthday suit.

There are stories and also lots of images of Lady Gaga wearing .. well, nothing.

Animated: lady gaga works the crowd as she performs at G-A-Y
She began the show at G-A-Y with a long flowing white dress, pale expressionless face.. She looked like someone walking about of a dive bar by 2am .. But it was really Gaga.
Her freakish attire suddenly vanished, leaving behind her behind. And only what Lucifer gave her at birth.

Though the man in the dorky blue shirt seemingly enjoyed it..
Baring all: The outrageous star stripped naked during her performance

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