Hope in the high desert

BELLGAB creator Michael Vandeven got an exclusive tonight on his weekly ‘Gabcast’ podcast: Art Bell himself called in to speak candidly about his rapid departure from Sirius Xm..

There will no doubt be an audio link at some point this evening, but until then here are some points mentioned:

  • Bell Said that he is exploring his legal options, attempting to discern whether his noncompete clause only would prevent him from competing directly in the timeslot he formerly was in, and if it would permit him to stream his own program through Art Bell.com
  • Art Bell said he is also weighing his options concerning fighting the noncompete–But he did say that the terms of the noncompete clause would keep him from terrestrial radio, Internet radio, and podcasting..
  • Bell Said that he listened to the first few minutes of Coast to Coast a.m. with George Noory last night, and laughed when he heard Noory wonder aloud if rain in Hawaii came from the typhoon in the Philippines
  • Bill did not go into specifics but alluded to some behind the scenes workings that made him suspicious, especially the fact that Sirius now has coast to coast on his timeslot–He wondered how long the talks for going on between Premiere radio and Sirius XM..
  • Bell said that initially, he felt George Noory was a ‘nice guy.’ Now he has changed his opinion in light of recent developments..
  • On the big picture of radio, Art Bell concluded that terrestrial radio does not have much time and Internet podcasting is here to stay, and the way of life for the future.. He said that he has a desire to put on a good show, and truly wants to be able to stream his own program through his own website on his terms.
  • Art Bell said that his Halloween program was very weak, and concluded that many of the people who were listening had their 30 day subscriptions for free expire and stopped listening, which led him to believe that that is why he had a smaller call volume by October 31
  • Art Bell said that he felt George Knapp was put into a strange position, on one hand hosting Coast to Coast AM occasionally, and on the other hand reporting for NEWS 8 and doing an interview of his friend, Bell..

    There is much more, it was a wide-ranging interview, and hats off to Vandeven for asking some pointed questions, and probing deep behind the scenes of Art Bell’s mind..

    Stay tuned. Audio sure to come..

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