Art Bell breaks silence on Noory retuning to Sirius XM

Full text is as follows from his latest post on Bellgab this afternoon

First of all my sincere congrats to Premiere Radio, they made the right move. Business is War
and I would have done the same exact thing, and did in my day.
Second, given the same circumstances I would make the same decision again today about Dark
Matter. There is much you do not know and I will not talk about because it was given in confidence
and I am kind of old school so I will not talk about those things even though it would help you to
understand my decision.
Third, I would love it if Sirius/XM would waive my NC but they said no and even though I could run
out and get a Lawyer and perhaps win back my freedom I will most likely not do that. If I were ten
Years younger it might be a different story, I will say this, It seems crazy as hell to me that we offered
exactly what Premiere ended up taking. Now Sirius/XM has a show that will be mostly commercials and
seems much less a good fit than Dark Matter with a Host who thinks a Typhoon in Vietnam causes rain
in Hawaii. (Last night’s show, first hour)
Fourth and finally I would like to say sorry to the people who did come over either by Radio or the less
than stellar streaming, trust me I understand your anger, I only wish you had enough information to
understand my decision.
Art Bell

It would certainly appear with this post, and the same post on Facebook, that the long career of Art Bell may in fact be over..

He’s not ten years younger..

And he appears resigned to his non compete clause…

Noory said Bell was ‘winding down.’ Little did anyone know that Noory was helping pull a string to unwind the career of the man who gave him his show so long ago..


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