The sexual mindwarp

UK INDEPENDENT article: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new film Don Jon is the story of a man whose porn habit has left him unable to relate to real women. He’s not the only one 

The article focuses on men.
Here’s a quote:
The question is: does it matter? If we’re all getting our kicks and having a good time, what’s the problem? “It’s a disconnection from what’s really in front of you,” says Gordon-Levitt, who directed, wrote and stars in the film. “Rather than engaging with a unique individual and listening to what the other has to say, right at this moment, we put people in boxes with labels. We objectify each other.”
But statistics also show that 70% of men in America are watching porn regularly (probably about as many as have the internet) and 1 in 3 women are.. 
I am curious if women are having the same re-wiring happening that men seem to be?
The INDEPENDENT article is worth the read. I suppose after you’re done your two minutes on Porn Hub.
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