A time slip Friday: Nelson Mandella is dead. (Again?) And other information you need to know, too


Nelson Mandella, the endless time traveler on earth, is dead. He had a life of struggle and triumph.. His prison time did not stop from from history in 1994 when he became the president of South Africa. His recent battle with ailments left him on his death bed repeatedly, but his strength and ferocity kept him fighting until his last breaths were inhaled yesterday at the age of 95..
Some people think they already witnessed Mandella’s funeral. There is paranormal lure that he was dead before–and somehow we were all no that timeline at one time, but he came back. A time slip. Like when a building shows up and you never saw it there before.. I think our minds play lots of tricks on us. What we see is not always what’s in front of us. We have a way of zooming so fast that we often neglect to even comprehend the tangible objects that are before us. And maybe Mandella was one of those–he moved so fast in life, and no one will ever be able to do what he did and how he did it.
But was he a time traveler? Did he die before? My advice from my father this morning: Cut the headline off the newspaper of his demise and tack it to the wall. That way when he is alive again there will be proof of his past perish..

Now onto the rest of the story.

His impact on pop culture and the world..
Front pages mourn his death..
HIStory: His LA visit..
Mandella was once a ‘terrorist’ according to the US..
Now life without Nelson..

TIME SLIP: Many people thought Mandella died in prison.. People even remembered news clips of people mourning and a speech from his widow.

Time slips and Nelson Mandella.. it’s called the Mandella Effect..

This seems to be an urgently important story from Japan that is getting hardly any play in world media.. There is a bill that will have whistleblowers and journalists in Japan finding themselves in prison for divulging state secrets or even reporting and talking freely about the horrible effects of FUKUSHIMA! It was so bad that a lawmaker shouted “This is the way the reign of terror begins!” during the vote.. Even VARIETY is reporting that the bill can extend and hurt filmmakers who are trying to expose information about the Fukushima meltdown. Why is the entire world just ‘ok’ with a meltdown of epic proportions.. why is the entire world comfortable with hardcore radiation swinging throughout the Northern Hemisphere. And why, why the hell, doesn’t more more (at least in America) report on the beginning of the ‘reign of terror’ in Japan? I don’t know..

New information revealed shows that the fault that caused the 3/11 earthquake was thin and slippery..

CNN asks the hardcore question: Does pot give you man boobs. Good job, CNN.

Smog becoming very dangerous in Shanghai..

Mystery alien-like creature appears to be glowing and swimming in Britol in the UK.. Or could it just be a hoax?

Some strange moans and groans coming from Ground Zero. Science tells us it’s wind. Logic does too. But some say it sounds like the screams of the dead from 9/11..

The case for killing granny? Alzheimer’s is rising .. so what will the rest of us do about it?

Autumn extremes: big weather changes happened since Thanksgiving..

A dangerous ice storm is hitting from Texas to Kentucky..
Texas at a standstill..
“Ice Friday.”

Just when you thought the weather was extreme in the United States, check this out: Wind gusts of 140 MPH and 20 feet waves are battering Britain! It is some of the worst weather in 60 years for many people.. And for those who say these things are a sign of imminent Armageddon, I suppose the only consolation would be that weather as bad as this happened 60 years ago. I guess..?

A great GROUND ZERO WITH CLYDE LEWIS aired last night: The myth that there is a war no Christmas. Take that Bill O’Reilly!

Christmas in Germany: Is the “Krampus Christmas Demon becoming too commercial? ..Krampus is a demon with devil horns who is hell bent on scaring children. St. Nicholas allows him to go house to house in order to scare children straight. And now those who celebrate the old traditions of Krampus are angry that it’s becoming too commercial.. Just like Charlie Brown worried about in 1966 during his CHRISTMAS special.

Chinese data predicted a very bad Christmas shopping season..

The best of the worst of Christmas shopping mayhem..

The trial for three young men charged with fatally shooting a western Pennsylvania college student during a drug-related robbery ended abruptly when one juror fainted because of a bloody crime scene photo and another remembered knowing one defendant’s relative

Astronomers discover a planet that should not be there..
The impossible planet is 11 times heavier than Jupiter!
And it is working to defy traditional beliefs as to how planets form..

Space, the new business model: Private company plans first moon landing in 40 years.. (or the first?? Depending on your beliefs )

Should this have been the real 21st century WONDER WOMAN instead of Gal Gadot?

Justin Bieber detained in Australia..
It apparently occurred when Australian Federal Police warned BEEBS for using inappropriate language with a female officer, when she asked him to remove his hat and sunglasses during an inspection..

Ashton goes wrinkle free: Engaged to Mila Kunis?

VANITY FAIR reports: Horror has grabbed the country by the throat, with the low-budget likes of Paranormal Activity and The Purge regularly breaking into the box-office Top 10, while cable’s highest-rated drama, The Walking Dead, leads a crowded TV lineup of witches, vampires, and other ghoulish fare.

New XMEN film set for 2016..

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