Facebook now: Breast feeding bad. Calling for the killing of people.. maybe alright?

Navigating the social networking rules can be tough. And rough.. your blog can be suspended for things you don’t find offensive. Your Facebook page can be taken down if you choose to post a photo that may have ‘nudity’ ..

That’s why, in a world where breast feeding causes controversy with Facebook because they classify it as obscene, it’s deplorable to think that the same social networking service can allow open calls for death of an entire population of people.. But they are doing just that.

While the NSA monitoring tool named Facebook is busy suspending accounts that show partial nipples dripping with milk, they are also said that the open calls for the death of Jews don’t violate the community standards of the site.. Of course things changed once national news media attention was placed on the page. Facebook did remove it. The WASHINGTON EXAMINER posted this photo of a message from Facebook:

While freedom of speech is a fundemanetal right for Americans, the right exists in the sense that governments cannot take you away to a death camp for speaking. But social networking services–private companies after all–have every right to suspend you. After all, the page is free. The only thing you surrender for its use is 100% of your privacy. Nonetheless, the sad fact is that Facebook is quick to suspend accounts that feature something showing a natural motherly love–breast feeding–but waited until an outcry occurred before scratching out a page that was promoting a new Holocaust.

Mark! what’s the matter with you?

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