Throwup Thursday headlines

A few news wraps..

Video revealed of that giant hole in Siberia.. a team of Russian scientists are traveling to it to investigate the situation.. Theories range from UFOs to global warming. Pick your poison..

520-Million-Year-Old Sea Monster with Preserved Brain Unearthed!

Throwup Thursday: Microsoft set to axe 18,000 employees..

Map reveals the extent of ocean plastic dumps..

Apocalypse now: Drought in United States beginning to go from bad to worse.

Hammered Charlie Sheen at TACO BELL drive through video goes viral..

Real details of Sandra Bullock stalking case sound scarier than the plot of a movie..

Not his idea!! Seth McFarlene sued for stealing ‘TED’..

NIKKI FINKE dishes: How Rupert Murdoch/Time Warner Merger Would Fuck You In Hollywood

Thumbs down: Megan Fox doesn’t care if you don’t like her in NINJA TURTLES..

Dirty jobs: Man meets muck in new horror flick SEPTIC MAN..

Video: Heather Langenkamp loses hair for charity..

And beyond all of that, check our the HORROR REPORT’s newest article on the film FIXATION starring British actress Mercedy..

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