There’s no FIXATION without a Mercedy

Get ready for FIXATION, a horror movie currently in post-production and set for a release schedule in May 2015.

The movie also boasts a star: British actress, Mercedy, has been chosen for the film, which is being described in official press releases as an ‘erotic horror’…

The main plot of the FIXATION will follow a young art student who pushes her boundaries in creating erotic art. The art turns into a bizarre world of horror– a FIXATION.

Mercedy, set to display her sexy and brave style in the new horror flick, is an actress from Manchester England.. Her Facebook page has thousands of likes .. some of the images from the film that she has posted on the page exhibits bloody scenes and not safe for work movie trailers..



FIXATION is currently in post production, according to filmmakers. The Awesome Talent Agency, the group advertising Mercedy’s new venture into erotic horror, told the HORROR REPORT that the movie was filmed in the United Kingdom and is currently in edit.. The trailer was uploaded just this week to the website..

Distribution will be via one of two distributors in the United States–no official decision has been made at this time as to who or how wide a release it would be set for..
For horror fans who want sex and gore all at the same time, some images posted from FIXATION illustrate that this is the movie that may be for you..[NSFW] The brand of horror which plays out in FIXATION will quench the appetites of many horror lovers who long for sexploitation and gore, something movie appears to be offering in a great array of sequences..

Mercedy, has also written and directed two of her own projects .. she calls herself an avid lover of the horror genre  on her own bio..

There are going to be clear talents on display in FIXATION. This not safe for work video showcases that:

[vimeo 98422656 w=500 h=281]

THE HORROR REPORT will follow the release of this film..

The trailer here:
[vimeo 100899897 w=500 h=281]

Fixation: When Art Goes Too Far. An Erotic Horror Film from The Aquinas on Vimeo.