Baby can you dig your man

Anyone who follows me or has read this website for any amount of time will know well that when I get worried about something, there’s a tendancy on my part to overkill the issue.. Ebola has been the latest bit of news getting me to tighten my tin foil hat..

The prospects of EBOLA being present in the United States—on purpose—gave me chills.. Yes, it’s Americans who obviously have the right to be in America, and we’re told the chamber fortress where the treatment in Atlanta will take place is safer than any place on earth.. but.. don’t you still get a bit of a chill hearing that Ebola is purposely being brought to the United States? That a hospital will treat patients here? Maybe I am too ‘American’ in my thought—-but to those who think I don’t care about Africans suffering the affliction, you’re wrong. I have been paranoid about this for years and have constantly worried about it, and reported about it… The latest outbreak is the worst ever seen.. Hopefully it burns itself out.. gets under control…

Let’s hope Captain Trips will not exist.

And yes, the man who discovered the virus says that he would sit next to someone on a train if they were infected with it.

But would you?
Would I?

There is chaos constantly on the planet earth.. It reminds me more than a bit like the opening scenes of the STAND, or opening paragraphs depending on how you discovered it..

EBOLA is coming to our shores.. it’s real, it’s on purpose.

Let’s hope and pray that all of those rational people saying there’s nothing to see here are right.

But .. until then..

Baby..can you dig your man!?


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