A big screen and a small watch: Apple unveils

A tale of two cities. Two times.. Two different ways of life. While the world burns in eternal war, the new technology of the future is being shown by APPLE. You can now play a real life Dick Tracy with an Apple watch. Or you can try your best to put your phone in your pocket with a bigger than ever iPhone screen. It’s the closest thing to a mini-iPad without being one.. But it’s not all flowers and big brother chips for the company. Some say that the watch is ugly and that Steve Jobs would have agreed. But to me, it looks like just a watch. And one step closer to what I have been predicting for years, as friends and foes alike laugh at me: that soon we this cutting edge technology will literally cut. And it will be physically implanted in our bodies, wired through our brains, and tapped into by the government and corporations who want to know deep down the advertisements that sell us on a product.

That is the technology of the future, being fueled by the prototypes (and ugly ones indeed) of today..

Imagine a future when your body begins to feel ill, you get a sore throat.. wonder what it could be. So .. dial up your index finger and “Google” your body.. Search results aim to heal.. Now that is a future that is amazing but yet fraught with privacy concerns that may today’s concerns look like a bedtime story.

Starting in early 2015, some of the future starts happening.

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