Dreams of my readers: Why am I suddenly getting so many messages from readers of nightmares and terrors at 3am? Is it something I’ve said?

The HORROR REPORT posted a few articles recently on dreams, including some personal nightmare scenarios that played out during my own night terror the other evening .. In it, as I wrote, Ebola was rampaging the world, a barroom of children was singing patriotic songs, and I was being warned that either November 11 or November 17 would be dramatic days of change..

Since that time, a few readers responded to me publicly in comments on this site, but also in private in email. One email I got was exceptionally chilling. I asked the person if I can reprint the very short text of his message. He agreed, but asked for me not to use his name.

This is what we will call the dream of a Reader. Take it for what it’s worth:

I woke up in a silver lined casket. It scared me immediately, but the part that scared me more was the noise of horses or other things trampling on the casket above. So I figured I was underground. However, I noticed the lock on the lid of the coffin was unhinged, so I pushed it open. When I did, I saw children being rushed into a large van. The van appeared to be driven by people who actually looked like ISIS fighters. The militants had taken over my town. There were also people convulsing, others were bleeding, and there were animals being sacrificed in a large bonfire. The part that made things the scariest, and what woke me up immediately: American fighter bombers were dropped nuclear weapons on the United States. We were all dying.

The dream went on to speak of his rush to escape. He wrote to me that he woke up. When he did, the first thing he did was look at his clock. It was 3:33 AM. The witching hour shows up again.

Thank you to this reader for sharing.

And I hope the nightmare will just be confined to the reality of someone’s nighttime imagination, not the daylight hours of reality.


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