McDonalds’ new social media campaign insists that they actually serve food

ABC news had an exclusive behind the scenes look at the massive operations at McDonalds. The food production system is clean and on time, on task and sublime.. Video here:
More ABC news videos | ABC Entertainment News

However…there’s always a critic. And in this situation, one I that I agree with. This from the famed “FOOD BABE” online:


As far as marketing: McDonalds is doing it because they have suffered greatly with the free flow of critical information online. Wage scandals, food problems, and all the rest.. They seemingly have decided to go on the offensive and change the game plan.

I think if they continue to roll out answers in this form, with an aggressive media campaign and slick advertising, they will succeed. But the most important question, as the Food Babe is asking, need to be answered…

But while I am typically negative by default, I am actually a bit hopeful that this latest experiment could have good results. Maybe, just maybe, the corporation—and others who follow a successful campaign—will begin to listen to consumers and actually get rid of the nonsense and chemicals that have no place in food, or purpose..


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