A family member of mine, name and official title nameless at this point, told me a strange story of a bizarre nature. She swears by it, and I can relay it only with this caveat: She comes with a strong mind, a strong will, and an amazing ability to sense things that others may not. Along with that, she is not the person who ‘cries wolf’ or sees oddities where there are none. In essence, she’s the perfect witness to a crime: Someone who will restate the factual and not embellish on the unseen. In the case of the story she told me today, the unseen in the central focus of what has happened to her..

In short, her family dog has been acting strange as of late. Each time the family leaves the house, the pet makes a bowel movement on the same place of the upstairs hallway in her house–like clockwork and with pinpoint resolve, the dog is in the focused spot each time. The latest time she went out, just last night as a matter of fact, and came home, a dog mess was right back where he always leaves it..

This time, though, had a twist.

While she was on her knees scrubbing the floor, she was tapped on the top of the head by some sort of object. Blaming her husband for mindless frivolity, she spoke his name aloud but he was not present.. Instead, the hallway was empty and not a soul was seen.. But a coin was right in front of her–a coin that was not there seconds prior to the hit on her head and certainly not there when she had started cleaning up after her animal..

The other extraordinary part of this strange tale: The coin was a Euro one cent piece..

Logic has escaped her. She is void of an explanation to the monetary strangeness, instead she has decided to chalk it up to the antics of some sort of spirit, time warp, or portal.

I went through likely scenarios of a skeptical nature–a piece of money on the door frame above her, perhaps even stuck in a ceiling block. But both are impossible–there are no door frames where she was kneeling, nor ceiling blocks. This Euro cent just, in a sense, fell on her head from no where–materializing from the sky and slamming down into the reality in front of her..

In my own thoughts on this matter, I did the old 21st century method of attempting to quantify this story with other similar ones. I found an interesting link on a PARANORMAL About website, one that details some historical moments when money seemingly fell from the sky without a source.. Some of the stories describe potentially deceased loved ones giving signs to the still living. But in my family member’s case, no one to our knowledge has died in Europe recently.. Sure, distant relatives came here decades ago, but at this point nothing to ‘write home about’ .. There is one important connection to someone serving in the military in Europe. But he’s fine at press time and, again, a connection between that and this Euro from heaven incident seems to be nothing worth mentioning..

But there is one last thing worth mentioning..
While the sign may not be obvious, that Euro from heaven may have helped do one thing: save a life. Today, that same family member who has become perplexed by the whole notion of something coming from no where and striking her clear right in the middle of her head was looking for the penny in the pants she wore yesterday, she told me she wanted to get the Euro and just make certain that it was all true. The Euro was there–but she also made herself late for work because of the search. In the mean time, on the same route she travels, an accident occurred and claimed two lives. Moments afterwards she drove by the scene, peering our of her window and … thanking that little Euro for buying another day…

This story is true..
At least as true as it was told to me..
Relayed to you. From this time period to yours.. Money from heaven?
The magic Euro theory.. perhaps.

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