The mad hat man’s hatting

Last night, paranormal author Heidi Hollis appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Knapp.

Hollis has written a number of books concerning shadow people and other supposed paranormal entities, but lately it seems her attention has been focused on the ‘Hat Man,’ a rumored supernatural being known for his hat and often times dark red eyes starting at people through windows..

Hollis used her guest appearance to relate a number of stories she has acquired from people about the hat man, often littering her stories with giggles and a light hearted spirit.. but she does not want her laughter to be mistaken for disrespect of the creature who pervades the night, according to eyewitness accounts.

Hollis says that the ‘hat man’ is showing up throughout the world–according to Hollis, she even had a letter about the hat man dating back far in history ..

According to Hollis, people who sense a presence of the hat man also have an overwhelming feeling of dread during their encounters..

This website wrote about the ‘hat man’ previously.  My own family member has told me about a series of encounters with a strange man with a hat in the back seat of her car. It happens when she is alone, and the entity seems to look at her with a knowing stare. I have no reason to think my family member is a loon or crazed, and there’s no reason to assume that the story is untrue..

On another occasion several years ago, another family member was watching my son while I was at work. During her time, she said she saw a ‘hat man’ type being in a mirror looking back out at her.. She said he vanished once she took a longer look at him.. she is a professional person, and again there is no reason to discount her story..

A few years ago, I detailed a co-worker’s story about a creature her daughter saw outside of her bedroom window, what appeared to be a hag-like woman quietly tapping and whispering “1, 2, 3.” I called it the 1-2-3 Lady at that time.. I am beginning to wonder if this could also have been a hat man story, perhaps a 5-year-old’s perception of it as a woman was simply incorrect..

I received a comment on Facebook from a reader concerning the hat man and last night’s COAST TO COAST AM:

I thought the show was good, but it gave me the creeps at times – only because I have seen the “Hat Man” myself. Even though it was a few years ago, I still can’t talk about it without getting spooked. In fact, my daughter and I saw him at the same time. It’s one of those things you just don’t forget. 

There are a number of people of reputable position in life, complete sanity of the mind, and critical and doubtful of paranormal encounters.. And what convinces me, more than anything, is when those people are the ones who come forward to speak of the ‘hat man,’ or the black eyed children and the men in black. It has become a cliched statement, but I will regurgitate it nonetheless: The paranormal is fake and fraudulent.. until it happens to you. When an explained moment takes place, or premonition comes true.. or dream becomes real.. or Hat Man appears in your rearview mirror.. that is the moment when the paranormal becomes real. And that may be the scariest thing in life..

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