Post Halloween news: When the Sarcastic Saints and Souls come rushing in. And the return of PEE WEE Herman..

I woke on a dreary Saturday, Halloween had come and gone..

Waiting for the next big fear, I don’t know if I’m right or wrong..

But the sexy nurse gear is all balled up, on someone’s bedroom floor..

The biggest fear for them right now if if they shut the door..

Welcome to the day after Halloween. These are your Saintly and Soul headlines from the world and beyond. Still a little scary, even after Samhaim.

I apologize in advance. Maybe it’s the weather or just because the entire family is under the weather, but I am feeling a little extra sarcastic today..

Let’s advance to the news!

Branson has visited the crash site –along with investigators–where his space vehicle for the rich and famous went down in a desert.. I saw a report that the ticket prices have not dropped. Though gasoline now is less than a gallon of milk, mega-wealthy people will still pay $250,000 to risk their lives on a faulty rocket to experience weightlessness for two hours..

Meet Vance Crowe. He was hired by Monsanto to convince millenials that the company was not of the devil.. His title proves that: “Monsanto’s director of millennial engagement.” The millenials are truly engaged–against GMO and certainly against Monsanto.. This generation may not remember agent orange or who made it. But one by one they find out every day with research online that is conducted. Good luck Mr. Crowe, it may be a lonely world.. but if you keep paying off mom-blogs to promote the values of genetically enhanced foods, perhaps your tiring mission will become easier..

Because the wealthy and famous are smarter and better than us, WALL STREET JOURNAL points out how miraculous of an investment portfolio Mila Kunis now has. Along with a beautiful child–oh and ASHTON–she also has made some fabulous stock choices.. Now that the media will be done displaying and worshipping her baby bump *(9 months of stories about her with that headline!!)* they will begin to display and worship yer stocks. America just loves it Mila.. As for Ashton, he’s just there..

Matchmaker matchmaker kidnap me a match..

Here’s a little tidbit as to why the world is so disgusting sometimes.. earlier this year, as we all know, Boko Haram took over 200 school girls and kidnapped them in Nigeria.. He said he’d release them last month.. never did. Now the terrorist has proclaimed that they have all converted to Islam and have been ‘married off’ .. They are now in their marital homes, we are told, and have memorized two chapters of the Quran.. I have grown so weary and tired of organized religion.. of all sects and kinds. Human Rights Watch said that Haram has about 500 women and young girls–he has boys too.. with 200 in forced marriages, his matchmaking skills just must be working.. Move over, we have ..

Chelsea Handler has tested the boundaries of INSTAGRAM’s nudity policy.. she posted a joke photo of herself, naked, riding a horse a-la Vlad the Impaler Putin.. They removed her photo, and she called it sexist.. She asked if a man can post nipples, why not a woman? Is it 1825.

In solidarity with Chelsea, here’s a stock image of a nipple:

Close up, you can’t tell if it’s a man or woman.. And that’s the point. It’s a nipple.. Our culture is scared of female nipples.. Instagram is as well.. After all, in the words of an 80s movie, if she starts posting nipples, someone else will post nipples. It will be nipple anarchy!
But we need to get ourselves out of the past and into the future.. And quite frankly, I’d rather see Handler’s nipples over Vlad’s anyway. Though his are quite sexy and manly, beastly and attractive..

Lots of high school football players behaving badly lately.. Now middle school? Maybe.. And in York, PA, the hazing incident may have been caught on video.. I stand by earlier convictions: Get rid of all school related sports teams and make them community teams instead. Encourage them, but focus on school in school –how crazy, I know..

More of the young doing what they do best: Eating their own.. Five football players from California University of Pennsylvania charged in a street assault..

When we worship our young and promote them as sports heroes, we create a false character.. We give them the complex that they are superhuman, that they can do no wrong. And even when they do, that they will get away from it. Meanwhile, dropout rates are high and people who read on a 5th grade level when they graduate 12th grade is high as well. The kids are often high, too.. but the sacred football program? Don’t tough that.. don’t talk about that.. just build another sports arena..

With all of the space disasters of the week, maybe NASA should give the good folks at MIT a listen.. Richard Binzel from the Universisty says capturing an asteroid is not a good idea.. I bet NASA does it anyway..
Or crashes trying.

Here is an incredible discovery: A scrap of aluminum, recovered on a 1991 expedition, probably had been installed as a patch over a window in Earhart’s plane during a 1937 stop in Miami, Fla.. And the researcher has some more theories about how that explains the 1937 vanishing of Amelia Earhart..

The secret of healthy aging is a healthy lifestyle. This study took 35 years ..

Ancient stone circles in the Middle East have now been imaged from above.. they are details and amazing, huge and shrouded in mystery. If the experts are baffled, we are too. Must be aliens.

Older and bolder: Paul Reubens announces that PEE WEE HERMAN is coming back.. a movie is in the making.. Not sure how this will play.. Of course Reubens is famous for PEE WEE–and the other thing. You know, the thing that made a generation who grew up on him sigh in a collective ‘ugh’ .. But PEE WEE for this generation? I don’t think it will work nearly as well as it once did. First off, the parents of today knew what his sins of yesteryear were.. And while those sins were not the worst someone can do, it did make a lot of coming of age kids angry that their pop culture Saturday morning icon would do so wrong in a public place. But kids of today? They’re smarter and a little more hip.. they can see through weird acts and quite frankly they don’t seem to like clowns. So Paul? I wish you luck.. But box office dollars will tell you if you’re striking while the iron is hot, or just trying to save yourself before washing up on the deserted beach of child stars that once were..

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