The weirdest year: Halloween fear of clowns is now causing costume bans!

Halloween is typically the best time of year to dress up as a clown with creepy apparel and a haunting smile.

Not in 2016–the year we have come to fear clowns as the craze swept the nation since August.. The urban legend small town clown has ruined the chances for a New Jersey school to be clowns for Halloween!

From NJ.COM:

At least one New Jersey school district has banned clown costumes this Halloween in light of a rash of creepy clown scares, threats, and attacks that have been popping up across the country.

In a notice addressing the clown issues posted on the district website, Montclair Interim Superintendent Ron Bolandi both assured parents that the school system is working with local police to ensure safety, and asked them to downplay the Halloween-clown connection with their kids.

“With Halloween just a few weeks away, I am asking for your cooperation in not allowing your children to dress up as clowns at any school event due to the possible disruption and fear it may cause,” Bolandi said in the notice.

“If anyone shows up with a clown related costume, they will be asked to change or sent home.”

One day I promise you we will look back at this time and feel a little ashamed of how ridiculous we acted about clowns that probably mostly never even existed to begin with..

A long look in the mirror.

A long look at real clowns hiding in the shadows..

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