I received a circular from my son’s school today the clowns are banned!!

The Halloween parade coming up for his kindergarten has been marred by the small town clown scare of 2016.. The clowns, the mailing to parents said, will not be permitted.

No outfits with white paint.
No red wigs..
nothing…Clowns are barred from appearing.

It is getting a bit silly, isn’t IT?

Of COURSE clowns are scary!!


This BBC article explains some good history on why..

So during your local home town clown frown you can have more reason to be afraid…….but so afraid that you would support a ban?

A ban on clowns, but not on vampires..? Not on ghosts..? Not on ghouls of any sorts.

No, clowns. They are an emblem of death but … maybe they are being banned because of a fear of death and not the fear of clowns!

Maybe we are not afraid of the teenagers hiding in the woods with white paint? Maybe we are not too affected by those meandering around under street lights with wigs and red noses.. No, instead, maybe we are frightened by what these symbols of the underworld represent.. maybe we are freaked by our own demise?

Regardless of what they represent or why we are afraid, schools and entire towns banning clowns for Halloween seems a little big ludicrous..

Target is affected, too..

Target Removes Clown Masks From Stores After Recent Scares »

It is a world a silly. Insane. CLOWN. Can’t wait for November when the clown crisis clears up… Until then it’s cloudy with a Chance of mild hysteria

And along with stores banning them, ENTIRE TOWNS are also saying they can’t appear during Halloween trick or treating. School across America, not just my son’s nestled in the coal region of Pennsylvania, is calling quits on white paint.

It is all silly. It is all ridiculous.. it is all too much.

Let the small town clown nonsense of 2016 just end.


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