The internet investigates: Ken Bone’s not safe for world virtual life. Real life now ruined.

If you watched the debate.. you saw this:


The new hero of the presidential campaign.. Kenneth Bone and his red sweater..

But since then, the world of red sweaters (and Halloween costumes of him) have become a little more uncomfortable.. Namely because of online sleuths and now mainstream reporters trying to dig into his digital past and, well, virtually ruin him..


So much for the red sweater..

Just the you thought it was safe to dress as a mild mannered undecided voter…….the media investigated.

You can’t just ask a question at a debate without mainstream media digging up REDDIT comments that you made..


Bone’s questionable Reddit posts include a number of comments about the bodies of women in NSFW photos, as well as a confession that he once committed felony insurance fraud, forging documents to make it appear that he had car insurance for his pizza delivery gig.
In addition, he wrote candid comments about the killing of Trayvon Martin, which he referred to as “justified.” He also called acquitted gunman George Zimmerman a “big ole shit bird.”

And this … THIS ..  is what happens when an everyday someone gets the spotlight fame.

This has been the wildest election in my lifetime. Probably yours as well. The sad offset off it is ruined lives, horrid relationship struggles and fights within families.. and now someone who was low key online sharing information of his insurance fraud and other odd NSFW material has had his life opened up for the world to see and judge.

IT happened before.
It will happen again..
And Kenneth Bone is boned by the mainstream world…….no secrets in INTERNETLAND..