The Sunday morning sidewalk

A Sunday morning sidewalk view of the planet earth and beyond.. things making news from sea to sea and everywhere in between..

This week: The polar vortex comes back.. and with it, 200 million Americans will be struggling to find winter coats, and in my cases, snow shovels.. I am not looking forward to the cold and snow–for the first time in my life.. Just not looking forward at all..

News from the media world.. The HUFFINGTON POST is busy defending itself after several news reporters were disciplined.. High drama. I assume these are the handful of reporters that the HUFFINGTON POST actually pays for working..

Pope Francis strikes again: He says that many people claims to be Christians but are in name only.. they are living the life of pagans, he says..

Yes, you are looking at an image of a girl slicing her wrist.. The oddest part of all: The image was revealed by a girl playing with a ‘princess wand.’ The wand is also called an ‘evil stick,’ so some argue the woman should have known what she was buying.. This disturbing image is a little unwarranted to me. Perhaps it is because suicide is so prevalent and seemingly so many adults are also coaxing children into trying to explore the notion of taking their own lives.. This evil stick, of princess stick, whatever it is called, is disturbing..This image is a bit too much for children in my humble opinion..

Fear over the future: Elon Musk thinks that we may be summoning the demon with artificial intelligence.. He worries about robots and cars that drive themselves.. Progress is progress, and the future is steamrolling to us fast. Is Elon Musk just a more conservative voice during a time of technological revolution, or.. does he have a point?

X-MEN style mind control to become reality..

The pink stars are falling again.. This time video captures a giant meteor over Texas.. yet again, the fireball was reported to be ‘bright green,’ just like the one across the Eastern United States and Japan last week..

Life after the gates of hell: The murder of Christians by Muslims in Pakistan has gotten much darker.. this is how it happened: They broke the legs of Christians so they could not run away and then tossed them into a large oven to cook them alive..

Why are we divided by race when there is no such thing? Good question.. As those who profit off of purposely dividing us, or those who win elections by doing so.. Everything is divided by race by our media, by entertainers.. by everyone.. It needs to stop. We are a human race..

‘Interstellar’ Animators Made A Physics Breakthrough While Creating A Black Hole For The Movie..

This from the site CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY: Exorcisms on the rise and a ‘pastoral emergency’ is seen.. Apparently, some would say, demonic activity is on the rise..

Last night I watched the movie DELIVER US FROM EVIL with my wife and niece.. it was a late night viewing session after my son had gone to sleep and the lights were out. I know the movie is old at this point and ten bucks and a cup of coffee says most of you have seen it, but I just don’t get the chance to see films like I once did. But the viewing of this film was disturbing.. it may have had one of the most intense exorcism scenes I have ever seen in film.. Ralph Sarchie believes that the demonic activity described in the film is true.. This film was effective.. it may have been the best exorcism story I have ever seen..

But do you feel like Sarchie does? Do you think demons are real, that they can manifest themselves in ways beyond even the sights and sounds of DELIVER US FROM EVIL..? There are so many news bits lately about exorcisms being ‘on the rise.’ But is it mental disorders? Drugs? …often we blame demons before science can explain. But what about the 5% that cannot be explained? The superhuman strength and the ancient languages … the foaming of the mouth.. all that demonic stuff. Fake? For the sake of humanity, let’s hope yes.

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