I took some notice so something..

I am eating way too much of my son’s Halloween candy, sugary snacks he earned by dressing as Spiderman. I  was just a dad that night, no Freddy attire.. nothing. He rightfully has the candy jar..

But.. at the same time, I am perplexed by his non-desire to eat it.. He likes the Skittles and a few of the taffy candies, but the majority of the chocolate bars go untouched. Which is a problem for me..

I am the hunter an I found my prey.. Hershey bars and, my favorite, Baby Ruths.

I secretly put them in the freezer to get them nice and cold.. when  Ayden Morris is not looking, I get one out.. munching on it in private like it’s a piece of the most desired product on the face of the earth.  I used to drink a lot of beer and wine. I stopped months ago and really don’t regret that conscious decision to get healthy and cleanse my body.

Since October 31st, I have replaced the goodness of having no vices with a major body bomb: Endless pieces of candy from a Spider-man head Halloween bucket. I need an intervention..

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