A year of what?

The HORROR REPORT, in boredom, asked a question days ago on this website: What will 2015 be? The choices in the polls were 1) change  2) horror, 3) old century murderous dictatorial rampages, 4) amazing technological advancements..

Of course some may argue those choices are a little limiting, they were quite frankly just put together in a last minute poll making list.

The opinions, however, were amazing. Among the emails and messages the HORROR REPORT received, the best are listed here:

“Actually probably all.
We just better hope we survive the next two years..”

I am with you on that.. Sometimes I just hope we survive the next two months..

Can we have a year WITOUT politics?

I agree with that sentiment.. I wish more of us would.

One bit of positive thought was given with this line, 

2015 will show better than 2014 economically and national standards of living.

That is something we can all hope for.. but what we probably don’t hope for is the next thought:

More hurricanes, forest fires, lootings and burnings, earthquakes, fracking, government shutdowns, presidental maneuvering, young white girls set on fire, crappy movies, crappy music, new gadgets to replace your new gadgets, and about 10 celebrity marriages nobody really gives a sh*t about.

That short sarcastic line does sum up what the media fed us for the past 13 months..

And perhaps the best of all:

Change. Horror. Amazing technological advancements. Old century murders. Dictatorial rampages. Blah, blah, blah.

Blah blah blah indeed..

The winner, by the way, was ‘change.’