The Dry Age

Catastrophic California drought is having another scary side effect: Rodents are climbing trees and taking water from bird baths Learn more: »

Everything needs water to survive..
And rodents know survival at the fittest.

One creepy tale:

Tina O’Keefe of Dirty Rats Rodent Removal told NBC, “There’s no water source for them right now so they’re going outside to get it. They eat plants. They eat meat. They’re going to the dog park because there are water bowls. They’re going to horse stables because there’s water.”

Heron Head Park, which is situated just south of San Francisco, is one example where rats are coming out and taking water from dogs.
“This has not happened before,” Renee Dunn Martin of the Port of San Francisco told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“It’s an open space, and a natural habitat for a lot of creatures, but regarding the rats, we are definitely on top of that issue and doing our best to address it,” Dunn Martin emphasized.


It’s been said that even after nuclear strikes, cockroaches will crawl like nothing occurred..

But rodents without water? That is a scary premise for their species.

As much as it is ours..
Scary times we live in.. Dry as well.

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Lake Mead is considered “operationally full” when the water level is at 1,229 feet elevation above sea level. On May 2, the water level was down to 1,078.9 feet above sea level, the lowest since it was being filled in May 1937. It’s down 15 feet from the same day a year ago »

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