Expect to hear lots about this movie soon.. THE NIGHTMARE is a documentary that follows the stories of several people who are afflicted from sleep paralysis.. and along with that curse, they all seem to see the same things: Hat man, shadow people, the same voices talking..

There may be tricks in the brain being played..
There may be alternate dimensions opening up..

Rodney Ascher (from ROOM 237) doesn’t really seem to care about the scientific reasonings to explain away the stories, instead he focuses on the stories themselves and the people who suffer from the visions.. And how it changes lives..

Bloody-Disgusting reviewed this recently and gave it a rave rating–people seem genuinely frightened by the topic.

There are real stories from real people of these events taking place.
The mighty strange aspect of it all seems to be persistent and also relative to the fact that all of the people suffering from this see the same thing. The same shadows.. Hear the same voices. Exact..
That may be the precise reason this documentary is being so widely accepted not only by documentary fans but also the horror community. People are eating up ‘reality’ anymore.. not just slashers and ghouls of nightmares. But the real shadows of reality.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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