Another wresting legend gone: Roddy Piper dead

tumblr_mlenvxyUWH1qzbwkjo1_1280Bagpipes will be greeting him in heaven.. He was a legend of his time and ahead of his time just the same.

Tonight TMZ is exclusively reporting that Roddy Piper died at 61 of cardiac arrest–news I don’t want to believe but information I believe is credible enough to pass along..

This year has seen a number of mighty stars of wrestling pass away, most recently Dusty Rhodes..

But Piper came as a shock–61 is young.. And his past medical battles, fights he won, made me think he’d be around a lot longer.

But instead he’s gone too soon..

As so many wrestlers before him..

2 thoughts on “Another wresting legend gone: Roddy Piper dead

    • I really miss this guy. I am also happy to see how much regular media is realizing the big deal his death is

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