I am a relatively new fan of your videos, plus those of your significant other.. I am also attempting to get off the toxic once and for all, a five year event so far with me to the point now where I am only eating fish now and then, but phasing everything out. Fish is next to go. But question, did you ever fall off the wagon during your adventures so far?


I think when everyone first goes vegan they screw up a few times for sure during the transition period. The time that I messed up were when I was drinking alcohol, which led me to quit drinking altogether but my advice would be look up how much methyl mercury and other toxic crap there is in fish and you won’t ever want to eat it again.

A little conversation between me and @highcarbhannah this morning..

If you want to eat and drink healthy and consume what you should, give her site look-see. Also go through some of her videos on Youtube.. very good stuff.

I have been on a long quest starting about five years ago for the ‘one ingredient lifestyle,’ something I have perfected..

Now comes the next stage: Phasing out the consumption of things that are just toxic in nature due to the environment, pollution, and natural origin.


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