This is big on WEIBO tonight in China: The fried fish that came back to life!!


The seemingly dead fish came back to life in front of stunned diners in Hengyang, Hunan Province in southern China – and the whole thing was caught on camera.Placed next to other fried fish, the video shows the fried fish twitch slightly before beginning to flail around – at which point a female patron begins to yell.

The woman can be heard screaming: “Oh no, no, no! It’s cracking!” as the fish begins to jerk its flesh open.

Uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo, the video has people horrified



The fish is dead.

LIVESCIENCE explains how fish can move after being killed.

PERHAPS..a Zombie Fish!?

BUT! It is not the first time a fish has come back to life on video and shared on social media in China!
In 2016, the UK DAILY MAIL reported about another video showcasing a fish seemingly coming back to life after being slaughtered. That video at that time left some suggested the creature had been prepared in the style of Yin Yang fish – where the animal has its head wrapped in a wet cloth to keep it alive while its body is cooked.

The practice has been banned in many countries and has been heavily criticized by animal rights activists due to its excessive cruelty.

No word on whether or not the newest video being shared tonight is resulting from the same cruelty.


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