Drama in the desert: Art Bell explains ‘serious incident’

Last night Art Bell canceled his program MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT at the last minute due to a ‘serious incident’ that occurred. The description of events that were told tonight on Thanksgiving eve were chilling.

Bell said ‘somebody or somebodies don’t want me on the air,’ as he went on to explain several instances starting with the October live radio shooting that occurred while Bell was broadcasting. A police report on that matter was filed, and many neighbors heard shots. One described a dark car and witnessed the person shooting the rifle near Bell’s studio on his property.

On November 18, Bell said that another incident occurred at 7:50 PM PDT, where  a call was placed to his house and a man’s voice said if he went on the air that night both he and his family ‘would be killed.’  The number was blocked and service providers were not able to provide further information. Tonight was the first time that Bell publicly relayed this information to his listening audience.

On November 23, as Bell began his interview with Michio Kaku, he explained that security lights in the rear of the home went on. Bell grabbed a gun and went to the door as he observed a man crouched down near his studio window before taking off into the darkness of the desert.  Another police report was filed after the incident.

Bell admits being shaken up by the happenings, calling it ‘terrorism on a personal level.’

Art Bell had a moment where he realized that he could have shot the intruder, saying “the next day it hit me like a bomb, ‘I almost shot at somebody'” during his on air description of the events.

Bell explained not only has his life been disrupted, but his wife and child also have been living in a state of fear concerning the events.

Security has been increased, as Bell joked it is ‘fit for a king, or dictator.’

Allegations are not being publicly made as to who it is that may be committed the acts on Bell’s property, but suspicions are a plenty across the interview.

But the show goes on.. Bell is broadcasting in spite of threats and outside interests that seem compelled to keep him off the air.

And fans are listening, sending positive thoughts and prayers, and offering intentions of concern for the beloved radio host..



17 thoughts on “Drama in the desert: Art Bell explains ‘serious incident’

  1. Art, so sorry about your ordeal, hope you and family stay safe and it gets better, LOCK and LOAD! Tim

  2. You need to have streaming live webcams around your property that way we can all see what’s going on and maybe you can catch the person or persons involved in this

  3. I’m so sorry this is happening to u and ur family.This is scary. If I had an RV,i’d gather the troops and we would caravan out to the desert to show solidarity. [Just like in the series, “TAKEN”.
    Glad u got some good security.

  4. Nobody needs this sort of stuff happening. It sounds to me like someone might be afraid of you taking lime light away from them, or perhaps someone who is pissed off from some past show? None the less no one needs this . I think cameras would be a good idea and also someone watching the place from unnoticed places. Hope you catch the jerks one way or another. be careful!

  5. Im a devoted fan of over twenty years Art. You know youre doing something right when someone is pushing these kinds of buttons. Its a sign of desperation. Youre doing great Art…dont give up.

  6. I would string some triple hook fish hooks, on monofilament line with bells on it on the shrubs under the window. Hard. Not to get snagged and ring the bells.

  7. I know Art loves cats, but he needs to get a few large dogs that have been trained as watch dogs. At night, let them loose around the property (unless it is too cold). Also, Art must be very wealthy by now. Until this is resolved, he should hire some body guards to patrol the property like prison guards and have the legal right to shoot at an intruder. Art needs to do everything conceivable to protect his family, especially a little 8 year old girl.

  8. I will be a prayer warrior for you, your family and your greater family across the globe. If I do not perceived a condemnation about these incidents
    from the corporate host of the”Coasttocoast” radio compound , then I must assume the worst…

  9. Mr. Bell :
    I’m 1st nations from British Columbia and your number one for us here. I’m an artist which my website indicates. You are always number one.

  10. Dear art. Love your show.I’ve been listening for years… My prayers for you,.and your family.. I would suggest infrad game cameras. My suspicion would be a govt. Agency?? Is involved. I remember the show about operation:arcangel. Things like that.they don’t want anyone to know about…. Stay alert..stay safe. My friend.:)

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