You may not believe it to be true, but movies of the future will…

You may not believe it to be true, but movies of the future will feature no acting.. Only robotic performances. Imagine an Oscar award given to the ‘best android’ in cinema? …The future is coming.

From the UK TELEGRAPH, some startling information that should make you question if this all is a good idea or not, this merging of human and machine..

From the report:

Meet Geminoid F. In many ways, she’s perfect for the movie business. She’s beautiful, engaging, and can carry out a director’s every request on cue.

Time after time, she replicates the same performance without the slightest fluff or fumble, and can work for weeks on end without complaint. You don’t even have to pay her. Just remember to plug her in at night so she doesn’t die on set the next day, and she’ll be fine.

Geminoid F is an android – a robot designed to look and act like a human being (although the one thing she cannot do is walk) – and the first of her kind to co-star in a film. That feels like something of a milestone, considering cinema is full of memorable android characters. But from the seductive “machine-human” Maria in Fritz Lang’s 1927 monolith Metropolis to Star Wars’ C-3PO, Blade Runner’s replicants, and the enigmatic Ava from this year’s Ex Machina, almost all have been played by flesh-and-blood actors in costumes. (The others, including Sonny from the Will Smith blockbuster I, Robot, are digital creations, brought to life with motion capture technology.)

This would appear, in my humble opinion, to simply be a natural progression of how film will evolve.. There will be no stuntmen injured.. there will be no need to re-do a scene, no human emotions that will involve egos or emotions that stop filming.. No tears, only when programmed. And yes, budgets will be adhered to and deadlines met. 

We have gone to a CGI world when it comes to movies. I think it’s only natural that we will also progress to a no-acting robotic formula for film.. 

Androids of tomorrow will not look like androids. They will look a lot like people. And we, as the humans that are left, will most likely buy it all up in the entertainment realm..

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