I like today’s Drudge Report headline. Good touch ole sparky.The…

I like today’s Drudge Report headline. Good touch ole sparky.

The story linked above his fold is well to do with weather–it’s some weird weather this year actually. The temperature this Christmas Eve as I write this at 7:15am outside my Pennsylvania abode is nearing 60. It’s going to edge towards 70 as the day persists.. by nightfall, Santa’s sleigh will trudge through mud as it attempts to gain entry to all East Coast cities and towns.

This is going to be a warm one.. Actually a hot one.

All records in various places may be broken today.. There will be no white Christmas.. the Heat Miser is winning.




It is a strange moment, walking out into the December air and being greeted with the warmth of a spring or summer morning.. And even more, explain the Santa’s sleigh issue to a nearly 5 year old child who analysis things way too much for his own good at his age. My son told me he could not wait to build a snow man Christmas day. I had to break the bad news of weather. . while he did not seem to care too much after a few months, it was an intense line of questions hurled at me all about why pictures show snow and he was under the impression that Santa needed it.


No white Stuff.

Only the hot stuff.

And lots of it.

Merry Christmas EVE.

A few more reminders of the heat:

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Orlando to reach 86°, topple 1924 record…



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