The sonic booms

Blasts and booms have been sounding since January 1 2011.. And this January, 2016, it’s going wild.

New Jersey. New York. California.. Florida.. Pennsylvania.. most recently Connecticut. and other countries as well..

At the end of the week, the Navy said it was responsible for sonic booms of the Jersey coastline–those booms were felt so far and wide that the USGS asking for people to report information to them about the situation..

In November 2015, the HORROR REPORT told of booms that were very close to home. My part of Schuylkill County, PA, where I currently reside, was also the home to amazingly loud and boisterous booms that night in November.

A response to the November 2015 story came just yesterday when a reader in my county reported this:

About 7:00 pm., Thursday evening, in Pottsville,Pa.,heard loud sonic boom, shook our house, scared the crap out of us !!!!!

I blasted out a screen shot of the message on my Facebook page and got this response from a reader in South Carolina:

Uhhhh there was a sonic boom in Charleston Tuesday.

Nothing to see here, though, right?

I looked up the sonic boom story from Charleston and found an article from January 27 from WYFF:

Reports of a loud noise and shaking houses like the ones that have poured in across the Lowcountry are indicative of a sonic boom generated by an aircraft, according to a release from the College of Charleston.

I suppose this is all just …’normal.’

Frost quakes!
Yea!! Frost quakes. Makes sense.

Frost quakes in Charleston with a high temp of 62 for the past few weeks..

The earth was shaking.

Cause the walls start shaking. The earth was quaking. My mind was aching. And we were making it and you. Shook me all night long