Cauliflower in space

In case you have not heard, there has been cauliflower found in Mars. Well not really. But rest assured, before you listen to people are using this SMITHSONIAN article as ‘proof’ of aliens, there is some interesting scientific theory behind what the SPIRIT ROVER found in 2008. Or maybe proof that the movie THE MARTIAN was actually a documentary..

Nonetheless here is the news from the red planet. Arizona University scientists Jack Farmer and Steven Ruff say that we my be on to evidence of past ice on the planet. (Maybe ice now too, people?!) The cauliflowerish stuff looks a it like structures formed around geysers on the planet Earth. These deposits on Mars are called opaine silica, and they were noticed on the planet in the Gustev crater. Wonder what Martians called that crater. Wonder what Martians called their planet…? Nonetheless… The layers ok Ike heads of cauliflower coming out of the ground. In this case the very red Martian ground.

The prospects are enormous.. This could prove past life. IT could also turn lots of scientific data on its head. Trouble on that: It does get difficult to study such things so many millions of miles away..However it could make the hunt and excitement for life more exciting. Except to those who have already long ago decided that life on Mars did exist. Or does.

As evidence? The rodent on Mars. MUCH MORE conclusive that cauliflower. 


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