The famed photographer who captured moments in time–dilapidated malls and properties showcasing the death of the once great American infrastructure–has hit a nerve with Disney.


Last night Lawless posted this:

So Disney is upset at me, but why do they get so upset anytime someone gets too close to the abandoned Discovery Island..

What are you hiding Disney?

Stay tuned for the strange and bizarre oddities of the Disney Conspiracy…

Today the message was amplified with this posted Facebook message:

Officially banned from Disney World for life, which is ironic because I already banned Disney from my life after they raised tickets prices…

I couldn’t think of a better way to make a story go viral and bring attention to a growing public health catastrophe that killed an 11 year old child.

What are you really hiding Disney?

No corporation should be powerful enough to hide the truth and not clean up their mess.

Stay tuned for the strange and bizarre oddities of the Disney Conspiracy

The photos are showcased on Lawless’ many platforms online–and the UK DAILY MAIL .. The headline from the British paper:  The creepiest place on Earth? Inside the abandoned Disney World water park left to rot for 15 years after becoming one of only two that was ever shut down

Some photos:

Lawless wants to k now why Disney did not clean things up.

They responded by issuing a ban on the photographer from entering..


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