This is an image from Seph Lawless–one of my all time favorite…

This is an image from Seph Lawless–one of my all time favorite photographers and one of the coolest people online today .. he takes footage inside abandoned places. He is best known for his work with malls that are closing or have closed, sneaking in and taking video and footage from inside of malls that once were amazingly busy and popular. He also has been in some very emotionally heavy places.. 

When Seph posted this doll head on Facebook, he also wrote this: (my emphasis added)

It is true that I’ve been inside and photographed some of the same abandoned houses that were used by serial killers Anthony Sowell and Michael Madison over the years. Both serial killers acted independently and used abandoned homes to torture, murder and hide the victims bodies in and/or on the property of these abandoned homes. Both men are currently on death row.
That being said I’ve seen crazy things inside abandoned places that make no sense at all and at times are truly frightening like a sex chamber set up at an abandoned building in Detroit that I reported to the Detroit PD years ago and never released those images and some that are just creepy like this abandoned home that had a room full of mannequin heads along with old lab equipment and intricate surgery tools oddly out of place.

People ask me all the time if I get scared in locations like this and the answer is undoubtedly yes but not because of ghosts…I’m petrified of humanity.

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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