Send out the clowns

The long national nightmare is almost over..

The clowns are going to go away.

I read a story today in USA TODAY, somewhat ridiculous actually.. The title: Halloween countdown: States, residents get ready for creepy clowns

A little truth needed here..
For all of these ‘creepy clown’ articles that have been appearing since late August, one interesting thing has been abounding: There really have been no REAL true and proven accounts that people are actually seeing clowns to begin with!

This is an urban legend gone wrong.. an urban legend in the modern internet age, where rumors become fact and police officers post on Facebook, only to be re-shared around the world.

And really… the threat? People dressed as clowns during the Halloween season to scare people?

When I was a child my friends and I used to wear masks and hunt each other down in corn fields to scare each other. It was a great time–especially this time of year when the sunset is darker and the landscape is dimmer. But I suppose in the modern age I’d find myself in trouble with police if we did such childhood fun things!

We have become increasingly over sensitive about just about everything.. hyper tensive.. hyper active.. hyper fearful. And clowns! 
If they are there, chances are they are just kids giving a good scare. IF they are there, and I really, really doubt they were ever there to begin with. I believe it to be mass psychosis.. 

Regardless of what it is, it’s almost over. But fear over Halloween because of clowns? A little ridiculous. Just as it is intensely awful and stupid for our nation that the White House was actually forced into answered questions about ‘creepy clowns’ during a press conference…

My local school where my son attends actually banned clowns from their Halloween parade. I saw a few Michael Myers, Chuckies, and people with rubber axes in their heads. But clowns? too much this year.. just too much.

We need to chill out. Eat some fruit, as Graham would have said in SIGNS. And just calm down.

Calm down.
Clown on.
It’s Halloween folks.
And everyone is entitled to one good scare.