Why I should not take horror movie advice from COSMOPOLITAN magazine

I got duped into click bait today.. while perusing my morning newsfeed over coffee this Sunday I stumbled upon a link someone promoted from COSMO saying the ‘best horror movies from the year you were born’ .. Should you also want to be tricked into losing about 5 minutes of your life you’ll never get back here is the link. 

It did not take much for them to come up with.. it is just click bait especially around this time of year. But to showcase how inept they were at choosing some, look no further than the pick for the year 2001: 

With no disrespect meant for SNOOP DOG or his bones, this was not the best film of 2001.. recall: This was also the year that the OTHERS came out.. and the best film of the year, without question (and back in the annals of HORROR REPORT history, I chose it as my movie of the year that year) was JEEPERS CREEPERS. Even though Victor Salva made it..

So that is that. A flawed list.. And a list that gave 2009 to JENNIFER’S BODY (even though I liked it it was NOT the top movie of 09) .. and gave 2016 to GHOSTBUSTERS–in a year when horror in cinema made a comeback and kicked rear at box offices.

Yes.. avoid clickbait. Especially near Halloween.

Then again.. Jennifer’s Body wasn’t THAT bad..