The photo pictured here is of an abandoned theme park in Ohio. It’s haunting–it looks more like the scene of a horror flick.. But it’s real. It is also among many other strange abandoned structures across the world. Seph Lawless, an amazing photographer who has done the same thing with abandoned malls, is focusing attention on closed amusement parks.. His newest work is labeled BIZARRO.

You can see examples of his work here.. But I really recommend you purchase his book–you can also peruse his site to look at some of the amazing empty malls he has photographed. (I personally think my local mall may be next.)

I have been following Lawless for some time. He is an amazing artist who makes a point with his work. Often, he puts himself in dangerous situations to get the perfect shot.. He did that with his work on malls, and clearly now the same thing with abandoned amusement parks…

Each photo represents a story–with that has laughter in the past with the smell of cotton candy in the air and the sound of organ music. Today lifelessness.. Sadness.. emptiness. Each photograph has a story, if not a multitude of tales under the stars of a warm summer night…..


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