Last night, a photo appeared on Art Bell’s Facebook stream, but it was quickly taken down. It was a snapshot of Art Bell, the famed radio talk show host, laying in a hospital bed with monitors hooked up to him..

The photo can be seen here but I will not post it at this time..

There is no follow up to explain what exactly Bell is in for. Some on the message board BELL GAB have taken to theorizing it could be routine, others explaining it is an ER situation. Some even closely–very closely–have analyzed to the photo to actually determine what Bell’s blood pressure is!

One poster writes,

Yes, and his oxygen saturation is 96% on room air (not oxygen) which is good, esp for someone with COPD. His heart rhythm looks a bit irregular, might be artifact…He’s on a gurney, not hosp bed, probably in ER. IV running at 100 ml/hr. He’s smiling but looks uncomfortable lying flat, I’d raise his head up….It could be his back, which might explain why he’s lying flat.

We will continue watching the story..


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