Heather Wade gives update on Art Bell on Coast 

The strange truly occurred tonight.. Heather Wade, host of Midnight in the Desert, briefly appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory during his opening news segment to speak about Art Bell’s health condition. Hearing her voice in that program once would have been consisted impossible .. The impassible happened.

Wade kept to the facts. She explained Bell’s frequent hospitals visits due to colitis and complications with COPD–along with a rough case of pneumonia  .. 

Obe humorous aspect was that Art Bell had to be transferred from a hospital because they didn’t have CNN as an option, and went to a larger Las Vegas facility..

Bell is exercising and slowly recovering in his home in Pahrump.. Wade credits Airyn for staying by Bell’s side during the ordeal..

Noory ended the brief interview with a note that Coast and Midnight listeners are praying for the legendary talk show host.

Noory moved on to present his regularly scheduled program, along with ’emerging artists’..  


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