The balancing baby: Spooky video or special effects ?

News of the weird gets weirder.. It seems like everyday a new paranormal story is gracing major organizations’ headlines..

There is a video getting more than 2 million views showing a baby doing superhuman things and being shoved by what looks to be invisible forces..

Some have alleged it’s CGI special edge at.. Others say it may be a real life footage of a demonic entity..

A few feel it’s the brewing of an upcoming horror movie..

Time will tell. But the uploaders coyly claim that no infants were harmed in the making of the video..

You be the judge ..

But I will say this: If the child was being filmed, and permitted to cry uncontrollably, just for some fun on YouTube, it’s a viral video worth ditching. That’s not cool parenting. It’s pretty sick actually.

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