Beach oh baby

Reporter Jefferson Graham writes:

A July summer day got a jolt Saturday when a Rhode Island beach was evacuated after reports of a sand explosion.

The explosion, in Narragansett at Salty Brine beach around 11 a.m., blew a woman onto the rocks, authorities told ABC News. She was taken to a local hospital.

Police closed the beach and told media they were looking for a suspect they believe planted something in the sand, and then fled.

“It felt like an earthquake, or gas explosion,” local radio host Dave Dean said, in a video he posted to his Facebook page. “Everyone who was in the water felt it.”

It was the talk of Twitter for locals.

The talk for the locals..then the nationals.. and now the globals.

The peculiar part is how strong the blast was–those in the water felt it was an earthquake?  That has to be a big device..

The ATF and bomb squad is now on the case..

And these few little snippets of information from the ABC news report makes things a bit more confounding:

Dave Dean, a local radio host who was on the beach at the time, said he first heard a low rumbling sound.

Another beachgoer, Stacey Beal, described a gas odor at the scene.

It’s unknown what caused the apparent explosion or eruption, officials said this afternoon, adding that there was no indication of a device or malicious intent.

“We saw a woman come out of her chair and we saw all the sand come up like a volcanic eruption, and she was thrown five feet up and came down on her front side,” Beal said.

The summer of shark is taking a break to make way strange case of the exploding beach.

Scarier than sharks.. The sand should be the safe place..

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