World rocked as Prince’s “drug dealer” speaks to British press

The UK DAILY MAIL scooped TMZ with this: The drug dealer who said he provided substances to Prince for 25 years has spoken!!

The DAILY MAIL summarizes the information received from ‘DOCTOR D’ like this:

  • Prince‘s former drug dealer, who asked to be named only as Doctor D, revealed the full extent of the late-star’s secret drug addiction
  • Doctor D revealed the singer would spend up to $40,000 a time on six-month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches
  • Prince regularly bought drugs from Doctor D between 1984 and 2008
  • The dealer said the musician suffered crippling stage fright and could not get on stage and perform without the drugs
  • Doctor D said: ‘He was always a pill man – that’s why nobody ever saw him do drugs. He never shot up, or snorted cocaine’
  • Prince was found dead on Thursday at his home in Minnesota just days after sources claimed he overdosed on the opiate Percocet

Whether the information turns out to be true or false, the star is dead..

The strange times we live in produce quick conspiracy theories. Only moments, it seemed, after Prince died, Mancow appeared on Alex Jones to say how either it was a ‘hit’ or the chemtrail cold did it. Then TMZ raced other rags by exclaiming that Prince died of an OD..

And now Doctor D.


Prince has been cremated. Before it happened, an autopsy was performed…

When that’s revealed, we will know. Until then Doctor D and company can tell us..
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