Hell in the heartland: No one wants to admit the problem that plagues their families and kills their friends. Or them.

The media sensations are abundant..
Trump said what!?
Cruz did who!?
And those terrorists? Those unholy hell fighters.. the scourge of the earth. ISIS is bad. But FOX NEWS and the immediate media have got people feeling there’s a terrorist behind every tree. That mainstreet USA is going to be nuked. That you should get that duct tape you put away in 2003 with the Tom Ridge color code heyday and bring it back from the dusty underbelly of your closet.
And if that’s not enough, Lil Kim Jung Un continues to fire .. things .. into the ocean.

All the hell.. all the oddities.. all the experimentation of reality.

But what is really killing you? What is really destroying your family? What is really plaguing the neighborhood playground, school yard, and living room or kitchen table?

Heroin and fentanyl.  Two filthy pieces of reality that the matrix has seemingly constructed to destroy civilization as we know it.

Forget the fentanyl, let’s just focus on the poppy: Before you scoff at such a notion, a few facts are worth factoiding for the public record.. Things like these:

Heroin is an opioid painkiller. Heroin is prescribed as an analgesic, and less commonly as a cough suppressant and as an antidiarrhoeal. It is also used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effects..


IUPAC ID: (5α,6α)-7,8-didehydro-4,5-epoxy-17-methylmorphinan-3,6-diol diacetate


Formula: C21H23NO5


Molar mass: 369.411 g/mol


Melting point: 343.4°F (173°C)


CAS ID: 561-27-3
The same poppy plant that blooms with the fragrant red flowers often depicted in beautiful paintings, as well as produces poppy seeds to top breads and bagels, also makes the substances in heroin..  When heroin first enters the brain, users will feel a sense of euphoria, or rush. But this high is followed by a period when users experience a state that alternates between drowsiness and wakefulness for several hours. It is referred to as being “on the nod.”  Tolerance to heroin develops with regular use, so after a short time more heroin is needed to produce the same level of intensity.  Health risks to using heroin include:Fatal overdose, High risk of infections such as HIV/AIDS, Collapsed veins, Infection of the heart lining and valves, Liver disease…

And there you have it. Some of those sterile facts.

This has quickly become an epidemic .. of massive proportions. It’s quickly eclipsing the normal cause of death in the USA: Auto accidents. It’s quickly ruining families, causing children to be forced into foster homes, destroying friendships and faces, and killing family members.. killing .. you?

The whole idea of the epidemic is how many lives it has touched… the ripple effects are horrid and far reaching. There are chances that you, YOU, right now reading this, are nodding your head in dour and glum agreement. This drug addiction has hit you .. and hard.

It may start with pain killers.. it could even be some childhood prescription from a narcotic dealing doctor for ADHD.. Eventually other harder substances come.

In the 80s, we had crack to ruin cities.. in the 21st century we have a heartland torn apart by heroin..


Heroin — now cheap, plentiful and more potent than ever — is killing people at record rates. Across the nation, deaths from heroin overdoses nearly quadrupled in the decade ending in 2013, according to a new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Actually from 2013 to 2014:  overdose deaths increased from 13.8 per 100,000 people to 14.7 per 100,000. 47,055 people died from drug overdose in 2014, more than any other year on record and surpassing the number of automobile-related deaths. ..

Hundreds of opioid deaths are also occurring from the use of fentanyl..

Cartels and drug dealers have gone deep into the suburban areas of the United States.. deep into the heartland.. deep into small town USA.  Given the fact this is the HORROR REPORT, there is an old movie poster that this whole scourge reminds me of.. the poster for the 1970s flick based on true crimes in Texas THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN. Just replace the masked killer with a needle … an arm.. a brain immersed in the pain and death path of the drug..

The entire thing is madness..
While I will not take any position on whether drugs should be or should not be legalized or decriminalized (I have  my personal opinions that I will keep personal) the entire notion of how we get heroin is quite insane .. Picture it: Afghan farmers grow poppy seeds.. shipped to Iran to refine and create.. shipped to Europe to go on boats.. arriving in Central America for cartels to sort.. traveling through armed checkpoints.. ending up in dealers’ hands.. getting to cities… making a trip to small town USA.. ending up in people’s arms and brains.. killing young children and innocent people.. ruining families. Money to be made. Millions per day per dealer. Other money going back into the hands of terrorists who will most likely use it to bomb innocent men, women, and children in places that they think are safe. A day in the life of the planet earth.  I said I’d keep my feelings on drug decriminalization a secret. But maybe you can infer something from the simplistic description I pronounced..

And speaking of Afghanistan: In 2014 the Afghan opium cultivation has once again hit a record high, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s 2014 Afghan Opium Survey

The spoils of war indeed.

What a strange connection… A Bush declared war in 2001.. a thriving poppy plant. A hard hitting heroin epidemic a few years later..

There are persistent rumors — RUMORS — that the CIA has been involved.  Those rumors harken back to the 1980s/90s rumors that the CIA was also involved in the thriving crack epidemic that ruined the lives of African Americans in inner cities.  Back in 1996, then CIA director John Deutch stepped into the lion’s den about that very subject..

Modern age: 90-95% of illegal opiates originate in Afghanistan and have fairly consistently since the 2001 invasion. Who put Karsai in anyway? Oh.. we did.

The war on drugs..
Just say no.
“DARE” to tell a kid how to do drugs and then educate them not to…
What a mess…
What a travesty..

On a personal note, I would not be writing about this in such detail if the scourge did not effect my circle of friends and family..

It’s not at all something to be shamed because of.. but instead something to force one to educate others, get involved, and try to find a solution instead of harboring old stupid grudges and hatred..

Drug addicts? They are not always criminals.
And more often than not, they are you sons.. your daughters.. your moms.. and dads.

Perhaps it’s high time — pun intended — for the search for terrorists under shrubs to be called off. And replaced with a very honest and straightforward national conversation about heroin and all the side effects of the plague that come with it.

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