GOOD TO SEE I AM NOT ALONE! For years I have been laughed at by…


For years I have been laughed at by friends and co workers for placing tape or papers overtop of my computer MIC and camera.. (Tough to do with a smart phone unfortunately, but I try to leave it in other rooms when I have reasons to not be heard or recorded) … IF you closely study yesterday’s Mark Zuckerberg photo celebrating INSTAGRAM, you may notice the king of social media does the same thing. Tape overtop of the camera.. Overtop of the MIC..

He knows the secrets that only a few do. Your computer listens to you. It has been listening to you for years–software from Google was an early offender of privacy rights. Your computer and smart phone are capable of listening to your every conversation.. Recording your movement. And even snapping a photo of you when you don’t want to be seen.

All for Big Brother? Maybe. Some theories claim that is true. Others say the actual nefarious purpose is for advertisers to score big dollars.

But some say it’s to teach us. To school us. To prepare us. Preparation for a time when nothing is sacred and nothing is secret. When your ever move is known and your every known movement is stored …

Except for ZUCK, who seemingly is off the grid despite controlling it.

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