DC fireworks under a clear sky on a cloudy night

You read that right.

If you were in Washington DC last night (or many other East Coast cities) you hardly saw the July 4th fireworks shows. It was cloudy, murky, ugly, and rainy as a storm zipped by the major metros just in time for dusk fire shows..

If you watched PBS’ version, you saw something very different: Other fireworks shows from curiously clear skies.

Perhaps it’s only in D.C. where a PBS show can become a scandal.. But it did just that. Even forcing PBS so say sorry..

Here is what went down:

“A Capitol Fourth,” which broadcast Washington, D.C.’s fireworks Monday night, appeared to show fireworks in a clear night sky

But the weather during this year’s Fourth of July show in D.C. was cloudy and overcast, and the show confirmed it used previous years’ footage

After viewers complained, the show posted an apology on Twitter “for any confusion this may have caused”

In the old days before the Internet people may not have questioned this. In the new era where information runs wild, it become an instant obsession of Twitter and social media.

PBS defended itself first, Tweeting: 

We showed a combination of the best fireworks from this year and previous years. It was the patriotic thing to do.

When they realized they sounded like Twits they apologized over the social media airwaves for “for any confusion this may have caused”..

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