The artificial horror movie

If you thought the future of AI was still to come, brace yourself for this..

Artificial intelligence writes ‘perfect’ horror script, seeks crowdfunding

EW reports,

Impossible Things, an independent horror film project from Greenlight Essentials’ Jack Zhang, was reportedly produced (in part) by an augmented intelligence software tool which analyzes audience response data to help writers craft plot points that connect with viewer demand. The result is Impossible Things, a project billed by its creators as “the scariest and creepiest horror film out there.” The software co-wrote the film’s script.

AI also helped the filmmakers target a calculated demographic by packing a “specific” trailer with key scenes and developing “perfect” plot twists for Impossible Things’ plot, which tells the story of a grieving mother who, after the death of her young daughter, succumbs to a sever case of supernaturally-induced insanity.

….and really… could it be much worse than some of the rubbish written and produced by Hollywood today in the horror market?

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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