The Mike Pence pick: The time Donald Trump didn’t go with his gut

The Mike Pence pick: The time Donald Trump didn’t go with his gut:

CNN has some great information about the Mike Pence Veep spot..

Trump wanted Christie, it would seem.. Advisors didn’t. The kids wanted Newt. In the end, the Pence push became substantial from advisors. Especially one..

Pence was hesitant to fly to New York, knowing that events did not unfold as he expected, it could be a humiliating trip and cost him the governor’s office. But he boarded the plane.
Trump was frustrated by reports that he had picked Pence while he was “six hours and three time zones away,” one senior adviser said. He was still troubled by his conversations with Christie – wrestling with the instinct to go with his advisers’ guidance or his gut.

The fact this has been the first decision not made naturally by Trump could also show it was his worst..

It’s extremely similar to the way Reagan was forced by …the same campaign advisor Manafort!…to put Bush Sr on the 1980 ticket. It may have solidified a certain branch of he party but it wasn’t who Reagan wanted either..

If this Trump choice fails it would be mostly due to the fact that it wasn’t his choice..

It was he safe route. A pale white male with white hair and someone who, as CNN pointed out, will turn bright red as soon as Trump tells an off color joke.

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