SNL jokes… 24/7 media coverage of the Trump ‘p&*sy’ comments…

SNL jokes… 24/7 media coverage of the Trump ‘p&*sy’ comments to cousin Bush.. and only a 1 point drop?

The POLITICO reports in more detail about the stunning non-effect of the seemingly obvious Trump-plosion:

  • A 74-percent majority of all voters had a negative reaction to the video – including 47 percent who said their feelings were a zero (very negative). But there’s a partisan element to voters’ reactions to the video: 69 percent of Democratic voters said they had a very negative impression after watching it, but only 22 percent of Republicans gave it a zero rating. Ten percent of Republicans said the video gave them a positive feeling.
  • An even sharper partisan dynamic exists when voters were asked whether the video gives them a more or less favorable impression of Trump. Among all voters, 61 percent say it makes them feel either somewhat or much less favorable toward Trump, while 28 percent say it doesn’t affect their view of Trump; 8 percent said it makes them feel more favorably toward Trump.
  • But just 48 percent of GOP voters said it makes them feel less favorably toward Trump, while 36 percent said it doesn’t affect their opinions of Trump.
  • Debate tonight.

The world has gone Shocktoberfest mad!

And for those who thought the NFL would be the ratings winner…..think again.


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