Is it my imagination or has this year simply vanished in time? Lines grains of sand… slowly..slowly..slowly moving their way through the hour glass. Only in this case, an hour felt like a minute and minutes sped by at the rate I don’t think I ever conjured before..

Speaking of the Conjuring, sort of a bad segway, with how quickly the year actually went I never had the chance to see CONJURING 2 at the movie theater when it was released. I fixed that the other night with a REDBOX rental .. I loved it. One of the truly scariest movies I have seen in some time. James Wan, yet again, did not disappoint.  I would say we have another contender for the potential 2016 movie of the year on this website..

Meanwhile, I wanted to give a friendly November thank you to everyone. As we enter the holiday season, I start to get filled with love and nostalgia. More than even the rest of the year … I try to dissuade nostalgia from entering my mind; But I keep the love as long as I can. In that spirit, thank you all for reading, thank you all for spending the seconds a day, minutes a day, or however long a day you do spend on this website. At times I feel I am doing a lackluster job, because between basketball and soccer practice for my son and work for myself, even more time than usual escapes me. Then I see the numbers of people who read this site weekly, and it gives me the spirit to keep going..


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