The wild West

This year started strange. Was weird in the middle.. and ending in the same style as it began.
 Nothing predictable happened. No ordinary events … all big magnitude, big “yuge” style happenings littered the months of 2016.
 And it ends as odd as it began.
 With Kanye West to Trump Tower!
 Let me first say, all politics aside, Donald Trump is a media genius. There are countless media organizations focused like a laser beam on the Trump tower elevators… Cameras pointed to catch every guest of honor or deplorable. Trump is eating up the attention.. Yesterday, big news took place in Aleppo, Syria. But the media instead was more concerned with West’s brief meeting with the President-Elect and post even briefer media presser..

Later on Twitter, West posted a #2024 and mentioned that he spoke to Trump about important issues, such as violence in Chicago.
 And the media was shocked. Stunned faces as West appeared..and the Twitterverse went mad, angry people saying hateful things is a normal course of business on the social network.. but Trump’s daily actions ignite more passion than anything of recent memory.
 If this 2016 cycle is any predictor of next year, 2017 is going to be as wild by the day as the latter half of our current calendar was..
 The Trump show is a skilled media performance. It is not a circus, as some have deemed. Instead it is an intelligent and formalized media sucker punch each and every day. And they fall for it.
 Every news network has tuned into Trump TV. His face is everywhere.. his actions are noted … at some point I expect his bowel movements to be live-streamed and for his colon to have a Twitter following.
 Yes indeed. This year as shaped us up for a much different 2017 than many expected.
 And some Kanye West sprinkled on top for good measure as this year slips and slides into oblivion just as quickly as it began…

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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