The ‘spirit’ of Christmas: Stop listening to adults. Santa, and Krampus, are real

It’s amazing to consider just how paranormal and creepy a time Christmas actually is! Even a song features the words ‘scary ghost stories and tales of the glory of Chrsitmases long long ago’!
Let me first begin this way. On Christmas, ever since childhood, I felt magic. I felt like a thing veil between here and somewhere else was lifted. As I matured into adulthood, that same feeling persisted each December 24. Something strange and magical seemingly is felt in the air that night.. 

Chrsitmases of long long ago aren’t the same as they are now. The peaceful imagery of Santa Claus is relatively new. The older image of Krampus has had some staying power over the centuries.. banned for some time, a resurgence has just occcured for the devilish beast. 

Some even say, long ago, that Santa traveled with Krampus. Kids who were good got gifts.. those bad? The wrath of Krampus..

It wasn’t just Krampus, either, that hit on Christmas..

Here is some good information about ther breasts from a website that wraps things up pretty good in a bow of knowledge: 

What is even more terrifying is that Krampus is hardly alone in his duties to punish the wicked come Christmas time. There is the legend of Frau Perchta, another Germanic wild spirit that appears during the holidays to punish bad boys and girls during the Twelve Days of Christmas by tearing out their insides and replacing them with garbage. Then comes the Icelandic Jólakötturinn, the Yule Cat. This cat is supposed to come and get naughty boys and girls who did not finish all their chores by the coming of Yule. Those who finish their chores are gifted with new clothes while those that do not, are given nothing and the Yule Cat will come in the night, scratching at the door and coming up from under the icy floors to eat those who received nothing for being lazy. From France comes Hans Trapp, a man who was said to actually exist at one point in history. Trapp was a horrid human being, a crazy Satan worshipper who butchered and killed children until he was struck by lightning and is now forced forever to visit children on Christmas, dressed as a scarecrow to remind them to be good…or else (Mental Floss, 2015)

…and did you know? Caroling in Romania has was used to perform sex prevention? >Some feared in those times that conceiving on Christmas would lead you to having a beast baby. So ….singers would interrupt the Romanian houses for rocking without even knocking..

These are the amazing truths of Christmas.. 

I shared this story before, but I will agai for good measure. When I was younger in Catholic grade school, some funny Russian nuns who were in charge of the place had a yearly ritual. Along with religious singing and ceremony, the kids also aligned the shoes in hallways .. we were ushered back into our classrooms and we heard a bell ring. Of course it was just Tarzan the janitor, but what we didn’t know didn’t hurt us.  The bell signified that Santa stopped by .. if our shoes had candy? It was good. If not? ….Krampus time. He was not named. But the tradition goes back to one from Eastern Europe where, if you got something other than candy, your soul was about to be sucked out by the demonic Christmas figure. Good luck.

There are dark times at Christmas.. our modern life has turned it into a celebration of light.. but the light only comes after the darkness. I think Halloween begins the darkness.. and it is a continuation of bleak and bland until December 25, or so around that date, when the sun’s angle begins to change and the ‘light of the world’ takes on a new meaning.

Just about everything we do has pagan roots in some respect.. 

# # #

This year, when I read the news accounts recently of the boy. who died in Santa’s arms, I grew very emotional. It was immensely sad to hear the man who played Santa his entire adult life describe having a child, filled with joy and love, pass away in his arms.

To that boy, Santa was real.. Santa came to him before death and gave him a reason to have lived.. and a purpose in dying. The story still makes me very emotional..

But it also confirms something I have long believed personally. Santa Claus IS REAL. 

There are tons of reasons I would argue for the reality of Santa.. (And Krampus while I am at it) .. but one of the best reasons to think and consider the reality of the two historical figures: Alternative universes. If a multi-verse that endlessly exists, that just about any reality may be possible.  The timeline we are on gives us a Trump presidency and war torn world. But another may fully be inhabited by Santa and elves, Krampus and devils.. Yes indeed.. in a certain sense, just about every possibility could exist. So Santa equally could be very real. And if timelines can bleed into ours, then why isn’t it at least possible to think that Santa’s sleigh could ride over our houses …

So … when my son, now 5, stops believing in Santa, I will be the only one in the household who STILL believes.  I do so to keep the magic of Christmas alive.. and because, as explained above, I think there is a very good chance that the fabric of time and space gets thin around this time of year, from Hallow’s Eve to the Yule Log tidings, so …why not. Why not believe ?

The comfort that the birth of Christ brought the world saved it from darkness. The light from that historical event — if it occurred — is believed to have happened around the world. 

There is magic in this season. Those who could scoff at my Santa belief don’t look at their own with any critical zeal. Only others..

So … why not all of them!

# # # 

To the boy who died in Sata’s arms, there is no doubt .. Santa Claus was real for that entire boy’s life…until his untimely and sad death. 

Bring the magic into the season again.. in honor of the nameless and faceless children across this planet who need that miracle.. who need that love.. who need that magic.  Do good deeds that go unnoticed. And do them because this is the season to do them. Make someone’s wishes come true.. bring light into someone’s darkness. Use your words for love instead of hate. And look up to the moon on Christmas Eve and watch for Sata’s weigh…. if you hear the clanging f bells, prepare for your visit with Krampus. It could get messy.

I believe.

If you wonder why Christmas doesn’t feel the same as it did when you were younger, it is because you got lost in reality. You lost the magic.. and you lost your life to the mundane nature of things. You can change it. 

And should, before it’s too late.